Council of Chairs of Canadian Earth Science Departments
Conférence des Directeurs de Départment de Géologie du Canada

A Council Dedicated to the Promotion of Education in the Earth Sciences at all Levels

General Information

This web page is set up as the primary source of data for CCCESD.  It supersedes the web page originally built by Alan Beck and hosted at the University of Western Ontario.  The UWO web pages still remain on the web, although they are no longer updated. CCCESD is a member of the CFES (Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences).


Public Documents

The Annual Questionnaire

The questionnaire requires data for one calendar year (i.e., winter term of one academic year, spring/summer courses, and fall term of the next academic year).  The reasons for this are explained on questionnaire history page.

The questionnaire (available as .doc here or as .pdf here) consists of three pages:

  • undergraduate student and service course enrolments
  • graduate student enrolments
  • faculty, clerical and technical support data

The results of the 2022 survey are posted.


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